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The Mortgage Brokers in Tunbridge Wells to help you buy your next home

Tunbridge Wells has something for everyone. Beautiful properties, great schooling options and impeccable transport links. It’s a great place to live, but not the cheapest part of the country. If you need the help of a mortgage broker in Tunbridge Wells to secure the financing for your home, contact Mortigo. We are the 21st-century mortgage broker that makes it quick and easy for you to secure the financing you need to achieve your dream of homeownership.

3 Simple Steps to Your New Home in Tunbridge Wells

Mortigo’s founders have decades of experience in the financial services sector and it was through that experience that they saw the need for a better solution. Mortgage brokers up and down the country have been stuck in their ways for decades, unwilling to embrace new technologies that have the capacity to make the experience for the consumer infinitely better. We didn’t hesitate – we seized that opportunity.

We are one, if not the first, mortgage broker in Tunbridge Wells to integrate modern technology and put it right at the centre of the mortgage application process. It’s our not-so-secret weapon that allows us to process your application faster than other brokers and be completely transparent about your eligibility.

The best part about it is that it’s oh so simple. There are only 3 steps involved.

Mortgage Brokers Tunbridge Wells

1: Complete Your Application

A lot of folks, cowed by tales of the interminable slog involved in submitting documents to the bank are a little nervous about Step 1. But don’t worry, it’s not pages and pages long. We only ask for the information required to assess your circumstances and eligibility for a mortgage. This can be submitted remotely via our website or WhatsApp, or you can come to our offices and submit it in person.

2: Look Over AIP

Your application is then put through our system, assessed and if you are deemed eligible, you'll be sent an Agreement in Principle. This will outline how much funding is available to you, and the terms associated with it. The most impressive part is that thanks to the technology we use, you'll have this extremely quickly, often on the same day as your application. “Excuse me?” you say “The same day?” That’s right. In some cases as fast as a couple of hours.

3: Secure Your Mortgage

Happy with the AIP? Our staff will help finalise arrangements for your mortgage. If there’s something you’re not sure about, we’ll work with you to try and resolve these issues. It’s at this stage in the process that you can be forgiven if you find yourself daydreaming about your housewarming party. We know, you’re expecting there to be a step 4, 5 and 6. Maybe steps 7, 8 and 9 as well. We’re happy to say that’s not the case. When you choose Mortigo the whole process is quick and tidy and free of unwanted surprises. Just submit your info, receive your AIP, tweak the details and sign on the dotted line. What could be easier?

5 star service.

Altina Livingstone
Altina Livingstone
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As a first time buyer I was pretty nervous when going through the home buying process, however Bev at Mortigo was absolutely fantastic. She made me feel at ease throughout the entire process and took my needs and preferences into consideration at all times. I would recommend Mortigo to all my friends and family for sure.
Jay Allen
Jay Allen
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Used Mortigo when purchasing my property and couldn’t be happier with the level of service provided. Everything was made very clear by the team and any questions I had were answered quickly and professionally. Highly recommend and will be using again for any future relocation!
Eugene Clarke
Eugene Clarke
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I used Mortigo to arrange my first mortgage. Vonne dealt with organising the mortgage and he was professional, and very friendly. I would happily recommend Mortigo to friends and family. Finding an honest and reliable professional who really knows their stuff is rare. I will be keeping his business card safe for future house purchases. This man is worth his weight in gold.
Naome Debebe
Naome Debebe
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Excellent service, efficient and managed to get the best rate. Beverley was great about keeping me informed of my application progress, always anticipated my next question, kept it very professional and patiently answered all my questions (which were a lot) and very kind. Highly recommend! Before completion we had a slight hiccup with the solicitors and Vonne quickly found a solution with our lenders which enabled us to purchase our home and save some money in legal fees! So glad my husband and I approached Mortigo and we will most definitely use their services again in the near future.

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Banks have always been something of a black hole for would-be homebuyers. You arrive with your pile of paperwork, wait for a loan officer to acknowledge your existence – which can sometimes take quite a while – and then wait some more as they sift through your information while injecting worrisome sighs and discreet head shakes.

What you hoped would take 20 minutes soon stretches into 2 hours before the loan officer declares it’s lunchtime and disappears for another significant chunk of time. Once they return they’re likely to insist you are missing an important document or two, even though you know you provided them. As a result, more time is sucked into the black hole while you straighten out their error.

That first encounter pretty much sets the stage for how the whole mortgage application process will unfold. It’s not only outrageous, it’s entirely unnecessary. Many of the processes and procedures that are still adhered to by banks and some brokers are steeped in tradition. Rather than reflecting technological advances of the day, they cling to ritual and procedure like it were a holy relic. We say “enough”. 

A Mortgage Broker in Tunbridge Wells that Puts You First

Getting a mortgage can be daunting, especially if you’re just trying to get onto the housing ladder for the first time. The whole process can be confusing, tedious and extremely time-consuming. We’ve taken away all of the clutter, made it super simple to understand and completely transparent. If you’re looking for a better mortgage experience, get in touch with the Mortigo team today on 0808 164 1616.