the mortigo method

fast, thorough and very friendly

The Mortigo Method

step 1: go!

let’s talk about you

We like to start with a conversation over the phone, on whatsapp or even in-person if you happen to be near one of our offices. In a world dominated by machines, we believe in real human contact because buying a home is a personal experience. If you’d rather cut to the chase, go for our self-service option where you simply feed in your details at your convenience and receive a timely response. 

step 2: shortly after

receive your AIP

We’ve had a chat and now it’s time to get down to business. Just give us a couple of hours and we’ll have your agreement-in-principle ready to review.

We are a comprehensive service,  which means we’ve hunted high and low, far and wide before arriving at the great deal in your AIP. 

Same-day agreements in principle are rare, so how do we do it? Honestly, it comes from strong work ethic, efficiency and a lot of experience.

step 3: We’re all good

moving forward together

At this stage, you’ve given us your feedback on the AIP and we’ve arrived at a deal you’re chuffed with. Now, we can wrap it up and give your move the green light. We’ll conduct final checks and get the wheels in motion so that you can start to get excited. 

We can also help you by providing additional information on the property you’re purchasing.