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A better kind of Mortgage Broker in Wimbledon

What if there were a mortgage brokerage in Wimbledon that didn’t make you jump through hoops, whose brokers didn’t spend all their time trying to impress you with the size of their desk or the glare from their gold watch, and that didn’t make you wait at every turn? Wouldn’t that be great?

Fortunately, there is such a brokerage. We’re called Mortigo. We were founded for the sole purpose of simplifying the mortgage process and every day we rededicate ourselves to that goal. Here’s how we do it.


The founders of Mortigo were financial service sector veterans. Every day they witnessed the way aspiring homeowners were forced to jump through hoop after dehumanizing hoop only to be presented with substandard deals at the end of the process.

These finance pros banded together and decided to open their own brokerage. One that would leverage state-of-the-art technology and dispense with counterproductive rituals and traditions while emphasizing efficiency and finding the best possible mortgage solutions to present to the customer.

That’s how Mortigo was born and it’s that same drive and determination to make the lives of our clients easier that continues to put the wind in our sails on a daily basis.


If we were going to be able to offer prospective homebuyers something truly unique and worthwhile we first had to deconstruct the traditional application process to weed out weaknesses. To that end, we reviewed every aspect of the mortgage approval process, asked ourselves what could be simplified and what could be eliminated and reduced everything to the following 3 steps.

Mortgage Brokers Wimbledon

Step 1: You tell us who you are

No one in their right mind would lend hundreds of thousands of pounds to a total stranger. And, because we like to think we’re of sound mind, we won’t either. We don’t require a blood or DNA sample, or an oath of fealty, but you will need to tell us who you are. That’s only fair. You can do that by stopping by our brick and mortar office, by sending us your info via WhatsApp, or by filling out the self-service form on our website. Once we receive your info we move quickly to verify it. Once it is verified you move on to Step 2.

Step 2: You receive your AIP

As long as your personal info checks out you can expect to receive your agreement in principle the same day as you apply. Unlike banks or other traditional lenders in Wimbledon, we don't take any unholy satisfaction in making you wait. We leverage the miracle of database integration to cut through the financial fog and get you your AIP ASAP. In some cases, you can walk in after lunch and have your AIP before we close for the day.

Step 3: We get it done

An AIP is just that: an Agreement in Principle. In most cases, there will be one or two tweaks that need to be made before it becomes an agreement both sides are happy with. Once any kinks in the AIP have been worked out we set to wrapping things up so you can get on with securing your dream house. At this point in the process, we will also provide any additional info we have on your property to ease the rest of the purchase process for you. It's just one more thing that separates us from the traditional mortgage broker in Wimbledon.

what our customers think of us.

Armin Zarnani
Armin Zarnani
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I used Mortigo when buying our second property and i can’t wait to use them again for our third. They were extremely professional from the beginning, letting us know what we could borrow from multiple lenders in detail making our choice of lender painless and simplified. They took the weight of finding a new mortgage provider away and I couldn’t recommend Mortigo enough to anyone looking for their first time property or more Finding an honest and reliable professional who really knows their stuff is rare. I will be keeping his business card safe for future house purchases.
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Extremely happy with the service. Mortgage survey was booked immediately and offered within days. Would happily recommend Mortigo.
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Warm and supportive service. I knew very little about mortgages and was unsure as to which would best fit my needs. Staff took the time to patiently walk me through the process and support me throughout all decisions resulting in a great mortgage deal. They were always on hand to advise. I would highly recommend Mortigo whether you are a novice like me or familiar with mortgages. I appreciated they took the time to understand my needs before recommending a product!
Jahmaine Brown
Jahmaine Brown
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The good people at Mortigo helped us get our house revalued, as they knew it was worth more than we believed it was worth. Next we’ll be using them for a remortgage then for another mortgage. We definitely recommend! Before completion we had a slight hiccup with the solicitors and Vonne quickly found a solution with our lenders which enabled us to purchase our home and save some money in legal fees! So glad my husband and I approached Mortigo and we will most definitely use their services again in the near future.

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If you are like most people used to working with banks and traditional brokers you will no doubt reach Step 3 of our process convinced that the other shoe is about to drop and we’ll soon spring steps 4, 5, 6 and 7 on you. If that’s what you think you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. There is no bait and switch, no last-minute “Oh, we forgot to tell you”. When we say 3 Steps we mean 3 Steps.


There is no secret to the way we work. We simply believe in leveraging technology to expedite the mortgage process wherever and whenever possible. After all, it’s 2022 and there is no excuse not to. We also believe that honest, hard-working individuals should be treated with respect and deference. So we take pains to go the extra mile to help each and every client find the best possible mortgage product to serve their needs. If you are ready for a better kind of mortgage broker call Mortigo on 0808 164 1616. Or better yet, send us your information via WhatsApp or the “self-service” link on our website and get the process going.