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The 21st century Mortgage Broker in Fulham

Fulham has seen its share of ups and downs but in recent years it’s become one of the hottest property markets in the capital. From gorgeous Victorian terraced houses to brand new, ultra-modern flats with expansive river views, there is something here to satisfy every taste. Finding a mortgage broker in Fulham that isn’t living in the past is another story, unless of course you contact Mortigo.

The Mortgage Broker in Fulham That’s Shaking Things Up

Traditional brokers aren’t thrilled about us because we’ve discarded all the routine and formality they’ve long relied on to slow things down and keep customers on their toes.

We think the only place your feet should be is getting ready to cross the threshold of your new home. So we’ve refined the application process to the following 3 simple steps.

Many of our customers who have dealt with other brokers in the past are certain there has to be something more we’re not talking about. There isn’t.

We put a lot of work into simplifying the application process in order to make life easier and less stressful for homebuyers. So relax and enjoy the fact that you didn’t have to jump through any of the traditional hoops to get the financing you need.

Mortgage Broker Fulham

1: You fill out an application

We don’t insist that you do this in person, but you can if you wish. Your other options are to fill out the self-service form on our website or send us your info via Whatsapp.

2: Receive an AIP the same day

That’s right. If your personal info checks out you can expect to receive an Agreement in Principle just a few hours later.

3: Put the finishing touches on your financing

Once the AIP makes everyone happy we move without delay to nail down the details and get you your money. We’ll also provide you with anything we have on your new property that might help ease the conveyance process.

5 star service.

Altina Livingstone
Altina Livingstone
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As a first time buyer I was pretty nervous when going through the home buying process, however Bev at Mortigo was absolutely fantastic. She made me feel at ease throughout the entire process and took my needs and preferences into consideration at all times. I would recommend Mortigo to all my friends and family for sure.
Jay Allen
Jay Allen
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Used Mortigo when purchasing my property and couldn’t be happier with the level of service provided. Everything was made very clear by the team and any questions I had were answered quickly and professionally. Highly recommend and will be using again for any future relocation!
Eugene Clarke
Eugene Clarke
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I used Mortigo to arrange my first mortgage. Vonne dealt with organising the mortgage and he was professional, and very friendly. I would happily recommend Mortigo to friends and family. Finding an honest and reliable professional who really knows their stuff is rare. I will be keeping his business card safe for future house purchases. This man is worth his weight in gold.
Naome Debebe
Naome Debebe
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Excellent service, efficient and managed to get the best rate. Beverley was great about keeping me informed of my application progress, always anticipated my next question, kept it very professional and patiently answered all my questions (which were a lot) and very kind. Highly recommend! Before completion we had a slight hiccup with the solicitors and Vonne quickly found a solution with our lenders which enabled us to purchase our home and save some money in legal fees! So glad my husband and I approached Mortigo and we will most definitely use their services again in the near future.

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What’s it Like to Live in Fulham?

We’re glad you asked. During the 19th century, the area attracted many people from the countryside who came to take jobs in local factories. It retained a largely working-class nature until the post-war years when renewal projects got underway. Renovation work picked up steam during the 1980s and in the years since it has become one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in the capital, attracting professionals from The City, entrepreneurs, families and others seeking to lock into the village-y vibe.

Travel options in Fulham

In all, there are 17 Tube stations within the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham including Fulham Broadway, Putney Bridge and Parsons Green. On average it takes 15-20 minutes to get into Central London from Fulham by Tube, considerably longer if you drive. If you need to catch an international flight you’ll find the Piccadilly Line will get you to Heathrow in under 40 minutes. Within Fulham, there are numerous bus lines that connect the borough’s various neighbourhoods.

Properties in Fulham

Fulham has one of the highest concentrations of Victorian houses in Greater London. That’s due mostly to the huge number of people who were drawn to the area during the 19th century. There are also a large number of Edwardian homes of all sizes. If contemporary stylings are more to your taste you will find quite a few large condo developments dotting the landscape, particularly by the river. These present some of the most dazzling views in the capital.

Safety & security

For more than a century Fulham was one of the more dangerous areas of London. Happily, that is no longer the case. In recent years the rate of violent and property crimes has decreased significantly. Mind you, it’s still part of an enormous city and as such more dangerous than, say, Oxted or Brentwood. But it has come a long way since the day when it hosted soot-belching factories and poorhouses.

Food and fun

When you live in Fulham every imaginable type of cuisine will be at your beck and call, as well as historic pubs and funky nightspots. And let’s not forget Stamford Bridge, home to Chelsea FC of the Premier League.

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Fulham is one of the most in-demand property markets in London. Make sure you don’t miss out on the home you have your eyes on by getting in touch with Mortigo. Our 3-step process will enable you to nail down your financing before the home of your dreams gets scooped up by someone else.

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